Ring:azadi Tower by Somayeh Kianpour

Somayeh Kianpour Creates The Azadi Tower Ring

Somayeh Kianpour, the author of the awarded work Azadi Tower - Ring by Somayeh Kianpour explains, The Wearable Architecture collection is very attractive, inspired by Persian architecture. The interaction would be different while audience exited and <Cropped>

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Next Generation Dispenser

New Packaging Design Contest On Desall.com: a Global Packaging Leader in The Dispensing Technologies Invites You to Design a New Actuator For Aerosol Packaging With a Focus On On-shelf/On-line Style, Environmental Sustainability and User Experience.new

New packaging design contest on desall.com: a global packaging leader in the dispensing technologies invites you to design a new actuator for aerosol packaging with a focus on on-shelf / on-line style, environmental sustainability and user experience <Cropped>

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Chair by Walter Iafrate

Walter Iafrate Presents The Assetta_te Chair

Walter Iafrate, the lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning assetta_TE Chair demonstrates, assetta_TE is a simple chair, an incredibly modern seat, almost a sculpture.with sharp and essential forms. The formal elegance cames from an old <Cropped>

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Exhibition Booth:craft Trend Fair Seoul, 'onn' by Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi

Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi Shows The Craft Trend Fair Seoul, 'onn' Exhibition Booth

Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi, the lead designer of the awarded design Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi's Craft Trend Fair Seoul, 'Onn' Exhibition booth explicates, Onn is a premium-handcrafted product blending traditions with modern design <Cropped>

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Sales & Exhibition by Raynon Chiu

Raynon Chiu Illustrates The Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club Sales & Exhibition

Raynon Chiu, the project leader of the awarded work Sales & Exhibition by Raynon Chiu says, The tea house consists of reception, illuminated area, library and tea exhibition. The designer would like this establishment to bring together both busin <Cropped>

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Series Posters by Na An

Na An Exhibits The The Moon Shines The Huaxia Series Posters

Na An, the creative mind behind the displayed design Series posters:The Moon Shines the Huaxia by Na An illustrates, Five-thousand phylogeny of Chinese art is the economic and cultural phylogeny of China. “The Moon Shines the Huaxia” gives priori <Cropped>

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The Ink of Life-Fading Pencils by Hongchuan Zhao

Hongchuan Zhao Portrays The The Ink of Life Fading Pencils

Hongchuan Zhao, the creator of the highlighted project Fading Pencils by Hongchuan Zhao illustrates, The background of this design is that designers observed when people use pencils, there will be imagination about pencil consumption and transformati <Cropped>

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Software Application:ibm Cloud Event Management by Sasha Kerbel

Sasha Kerbel Portrays The Ibm Cloud Event Management Software Application

Sasha Kerbel, the creator of the displayed work Software Application by Sasha Kerbel says, IBM Cloud Event Management (CEM) is a holistic app that changes the way IT Ops teams work in identifying, diagnosing and resolving service outages. CEM feature <Cropped>

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Video Animation and Dance by Lampo Leong, Yves Sonolet and Zhihao Li

Lampo Leong, Yves Sonolet and Zhihao Li Creates The Near Light Video Animation and Dance

Lampo Leong, Yves Sonolet and Zhihao Li, the creative mind behind the award winning project Near Light - Video Animation and Dance by Lampo Leong, Yves Sonolet and Zhihao Li points out, Through capturing imagery of floating lights on street after mid <Cropped>

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Artbeet's 12 Months Book

Artbeet Shares The 12 Months Book

Artbeet, the thinktank behind the awarded design Artbeet's 12 Months Book explicates, The coffee table Hungarian cookbook, 12 Months, by debuting author, Eva Bezzegh, launched in November 2017 by Artbeet Publishing. It is a unique picturesque ar <Cropped>

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