Sensory Showroom by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura Discloses The Loft Tropical Sensory Showroom

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura, the project leader of the award winning project Sensory showroom by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura spells out, This loft is divided into two areas: social and intimate. A reflecting pool lined with a green wall, connect the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bird Coffee Table

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Bird Coffee Table

The project leader of the highlighted work coffee table:bird by Acclaimed Designer says, Taking off – Landing Two opposite words, the prime inspiration to design it. One allows you to dream away, the other brings you back to reality. Bird a piece <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity:giga Africa by Prashant Chauhan

Prashant Chauhan Demonstrates The Giga Africa Corporate Identity

Prashant Chauhan , the creator of the displayed work Prashant Chauhan 's Giga Africa Corporate Identity says, This Logo is developed for a group based across African Continent with a widely diversified portfolio. The design integrates the variou <Cropped>

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Icon Residence, Mont Kiara by International Design Studio Pte Ltd

International Design Studio Pte Ltd Illustrates The Icon Residence, Mont Kiara Residential Development

International Design Studio Pte Ltd, the creative mind behind the awarded project International Design Studio Pte Ltd's Icon Residence, Mont Kiara Residential Development explicates, The project attempts to challenge the conventional design sol <Cropped>

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Bitree-Touchdown Station by Earlybird Design Studio

Earlybird Design Studio Shares The Bitree Touchdown Station

EarlyBird Design Studio, the creator of the displayed design BITree by EarlyBird Design Studio points out, BITree Touchdown, as a stand-up workstation, is an integral part of the co-working space. BITree Touchdown not only provides coworker with a re <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Ceramic Plates:natural Growth by Yangjing Deng

Yangjing Deng Creates The Natural Growth Multifunctional Ceramic Plates

Yangjing Deng, the architect of the highlighted project Multifunctional Ceramic Plates by Yangjing Deng demonstrates, This design has multiple functions, with profound social reflections and unique cultural experience. It is similar to Lego, which is <Cropped>

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Office Interior Design by Bean Buro Architects

Bean Buro Architects Shares The Bean Buro Office Office Interior Design

Bean Buro Architects, the designer of the awarded design Bean Buro Office by Bean Buro Architects says, How does the office allow a wide variation of activities, from concentrated working to playful fun activities? The project aimed to experiment wit <Cropped>

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Low Cost Steriliser Kit by Moses Rowen

Moses Rowen Shows The Steripak Low Cost Steriliser Kit

Moses Rowen, the architect of the displayed design Low Cost Steriliser Kit by Moses Rowen says, SteriPak is a kit that converts end of life gas cylinders into autoclaves for sterilising medical and baby equipment. Each kit costs less than 10USD. St <Cropped>

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Converting Tools Excavator by Du Haibin, Hu Haiquan, Zhao Yan & Du Ban

Du Haibin, Hu Haiquan, Zhao Yan & Du Ban Exhibits The Deft Converting Tools Excavator

Du Haibin, Hu Haiquan, Zhao Yan & Du ban, the architect of the highlighted project Converting tools excavator by Du Haibin, Hu Haiquan, Zhao Yan & Du ban explains, In the actual project work, different working environments demand different to <Cropped>

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Restaurant:man Hing Bistro by Chi Ling Leung, Millwork

Chi Ling Leung, Millwork Presents The Man Hing Bistro Restaurant

Chi Ling Leung, MILLWORK , the thinktank behind the highlighted project Restaurant by Chi Ling Leung, MILLWORK spells out, Man Hing Bistro, serving Hong Kong tea restaurant menu, is a casual dining place in the area of Nan Shan, Shenzhen. The restaur <Cropped>

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