Residential House by Hsiang-Hao Chang

Hsiang-Hao Chang Creates The Scene Fusion Residential House

Hsiang-Hao Chang, the designer of the award winning work Residential House by Hsiang-Hao Chang says, Situated at the river bank, the stunning view of the evening glow and rosy clouds reflecting upon the tranquil water unfolds in front of the panora <Cropped>

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Dining Table:hangar by Amos Goh

Amos Goh Reveals The Hangar Dining Table

Amos Goh, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning Hangar Dining Table says, Inspired by an exploration of old military hangar during the designer's service time as a soldier. Charmed by the utilitarian space that had sturdy pill <Cropped>

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Lab.14 Art Contest

The Competition Provides For The Selection of 12 Finalists Which Will Exhibit Their Works During The Final Exhibition of The Contest, That Will Be Held in Venice, At Imagoars Gallery, in Early 2020. Among Them Will Be Chosen 4 Winners of Assigned Prizes.l

The competition provides for the selection of 12 finalists which will exhibit their works during the final exhibition of the contest, that will be held in venice, at imagoars gallery, in early 2020. among them will be chosen 4 winners of assigned pri <Cropped>

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Fairy Feather The World's Thinnest Silk by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Fairy Feather Fairy Feather The World's Thinnest Silk

The thinktank behind the awarded project Fairy Feather the world's thinnest silk by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The fabric, so ethereal, makes us imagine the texture of the robes worn by the heavenly nymphs in Japanese folk tales. I named it <Cropped>

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Award Winning Birds of Steel Multifunctional Panel

Malcolm White Shows The Birds of Steel Multifunctional Panel

Malcolm White, the project leader of the awarded project Birds of Steel by Malcolm White explains, Birds of Steel is a combination of cut out lines and shapes linked together by one another to create scenes that represents movement, energy and discov <Cropped>

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Savory Snack by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Shows The Off The Eaten Path (uk) Savory Snack

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Off the Eaten Path (UK) Savory Snack explicates, Motivated by authentic experiences that pique curiosity, Off the Eaten Path is a new range of premium plant <Cropped>

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Svetlogorie Residential House by Alexandra Fedorova

Alexandra Fedorova Reveals The Svetlogorie Residential House Interior Design

Alexandra Fedorova, the maker of the award winning design Interior Design:Svetlogorie Residential House by Alexandra Fedorova illustrates, The Svetlogorie is the interior design project of the two-storey house in the suburbs of Moscow. In the inter <Cropped>

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Stool by Stephan Seifert & Thelos

Stephan Seifert & Thelos Presents The Echape Stool

Stephan Seifert & Thelos, the creative mind behind the displayed design Stephan Seifert & Thelos's Echape Stool spells out, In French Echape means escape, but also is a dynamic position in ballet dance. We have decided to combine the eth <Cropped>

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Restaurant:super Kitchen by Yuxia Tang

Yuxia Tang Designs The Super Kitchen Restaurant

Yuxia Tang, the creator of the highlighted project Super Kitchen - Restaurant by Yuxia Tang demonstrates, The project is a two storied space for program videoing, family gathering, private party and so on. Green elements are applied in the whole spac <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Musketeers Stools

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Musketeers Stools

The maker of the displayed work Stools:Musketeers by Acclaimed Designer points out, The Musketeers. Simple. Elegant. Functional. The Musketeers are three-legged stools made of powder-coated aluminum bent into shape with laser-cut powerful legs. A thr <Cropped>

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