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Carbon Activated Timber

Carbon Activated Timber Bench is designed for public areas and is made from reclaimed wood planks. It challenges the notions of weight and stability. While the volume of the wood planks appears as seemingly massive blocks, they are only loosely connected and in an unstable state. Tiny threads of carbon fibres tie the massive blocks together to give them their stability. They also reinforce the blocks to even add strength to the wood planks.

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UnLimited is a fully waterproof and size adjustable backpack tailored to the needs of an urban slow cyclist. It can both expand to accommodate unexpected items and compress to keep the backpack streamlined to allow for better mobility. Following the design philosophy for 'design of reduction', the backpack is sealed by heat welding and made of mono-material DuPont Hytrel, or similar recyclable thermoplastic elastomers with different levels of hardness. This feature is in stark contrast to the backpacks on the market today, which are multi-material and hard to recycle.

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Future is Now

Future is Now Living Lab is where people in Taipei city look for the new idea of sustainable lifestyle and circular economy. The Living Lab interior space is created refurbished and/or recycled material for the visitor to enjoy the possibility of circular design, and constructed with No-landfill wasted concept. The event was conducted from 18th July to 31st October 2019 at Hua Shan Art station in Taipei City to host more than 20 events of lecture and workshops about circular economy.

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ReGreen is the ideal solution that can recycle and take the best advantages of wasted food perfectly. ReGreen is durable, easy to clean and recyclable. The distinct structural design is by the principle of circulation and environmentally friendly, which can be easily disassembled and recycled. Advanced technology, making ReGreen turns the wasted food into organic soil and compost in just a few weeks. It perfectly solves the difficulties of obtaining organic compost in the metropolitans.

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PackZero proposes to transform the current resource depleting online retail distribution system, with a circular delivery network that combines inflatable reusable packaging with hybrid pickup and delivery experience. Central hubs at locations that users frequent or find easily accessible will be built, thereby reducing overall 'product miles.' The reusable package is made of durable biodegradable material, which research estimates can be potentially used up to 100 times.

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No Footprint House

The NFH is developed for serial production, based on a larger toolbox of prefabricated residential typologies. A first prototype was built for a European family in the southwest of Costa Rica. They chose a two-bedroom configuration with steel structure and pine wood finishes, which was shipped to its target location on one single truck. The building is designed around a central service core in order to optimize logistical efficiency regarding assembly, maintenance and usage. The project seeks for integral sustainability in terms of its economic, environmental, social and spatial performance.

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